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Ancient Indian Scriptures,increase memory power,memory power,graying of hair,Ayurvedic literature,how to sleep,keep mind cool,remove tensions,improve

Ancient Indian Scriptures,increase memory power,memory power,graying of hair,Ayurvedic literature,how to sleep,keep mind cool,remove tensions,improve eyesight,Brahmi laeaves,brain cells,

Important Yogic Remedies from Ancient Indian Scriptures:

1. 29th chapter of Agnipuran contains a medicine, which grants longevity to a person. According to the text, consuming 240 mg to 500 mg of Brahmi powder with milk every morning is very beneficial. It also increases the memory power.

2. Ayurvedic scriptures like Charaka and Sushruta say that consuming 3 gm of green vegetable soup (made form Brahmi) increases the memory power. Brahmi leaves are tasty just like the tamarind leaves.

3. Bhav Prakash includes the importance of Shankhpushpi for good memory. Consuming 3 to 6 gm of Shankhpushpi powder with milk is extremely beneficial for increasing memory. It also plays an important role in improving the functioning of the brain and its overall development.

4 .Beshajya Ratnavali is a famous Ayurvedic literature. According to this book, regular consumption of Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, almond, etc. strengthen the brain cells and provide coolness to the brain. They are helpful in improving memory power and curing nervous related problems.

5. An Ayurvedic literature called Chikitsa Chandrodaya mentions the importance of Brahmi in the form of a chemical. Regular consumption of Brahmi improves the capacity to think and understand. It also includes a simple combination to improve memory power. It says that almond and sugar candy ‘Halava’ (sweet dish) is very healthy to strengthen the brain cells and improve the memory power.

6. Add one gram of black pepper in ten grams of honey and consume this mixture twice a day. This combination is very beneficial for increasing the memory power, improves eyesight and stops premature graying of hair.

7. A Greek literature ‘Ijajul Gruba’ mentions that consuming fiber in right quantity is extremely beneficial. Almond and pomegranate squash are very useful sources of fiber food. Whichever squash suits the body, should be taken regularly in the summer season. This book has cautioned that the best way to improve the memory power is to keep the mind cold and the feet warm.

8. Ayurvedic books have paid utmost attention to massage. Massaging the feet and head with rapeseed oil is beneficial in improving the memory power. Regular massage of the head increases the blood flow and also improves the memory power. It also relieves headache and improves the eyesight.

9. A simple tip can improve your memory power many times. When you go to bed, lie down straight, close your eyes and memorize all the activities, which you did throughout the day from morning to evening. Practice this tip everyday and you will notice that the memory power has improved to a great extent.

10. People who sleep with their head towards the East or South direction have very good memory power.

11. According to Guru Pushya Yog one should always keep Apamarg herb, this increases the memory power.

Isolated Awa tribe with 60 people

Expedition confirms existence of uncontacted Indians
Awá men hunting in the forest.An expedition conducted by FUNAI (Brazil’s Indigenous Affairs Department) has confirmed the existence of a group of uncontacted Indians in Maranhão state in the eastern Amazon.

FUNAI has had indications of this group’s existence in the Indigenous Territory of Araribóia since the 1980s, but has not until now had proof.It says that the group probably belongs to the Awá tribe, and numbers about 60 people.
The Awá are one of only two nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes remaining in Brazil.
Since the discovery of iron ore in the region in the 1970s, and the consequent Great Carajás Programme, a development project funded by the World Bank, the Awá have witnessed an unprecedented invasion of their lands by outsiders.
Their forest home is being rapidly destroyed by loggers and cattle ranchers, who hunt the game they rely on. Uncontacted Awá are highly vulnerable to attack and diseases transmitted by these outsiders, and there have been fatal conflicts in the past.
Survival successfully lobbied for many years for the official recognition of all Awá land, and last year launched a campaign calling on the Brazilian authorities to remove all invaders from the Awá area.
Brazilian federal judge ruled that ranchers and colonists illegally occupying the Awá Indian reserve must leave the territory within 180 days.
The ruling was suspended by a federal regional court in October. Since then, invasion and deforestation of the Awá area has increased.This recent confirmation of another group of Awá reinforces the need for the authorities to monitor the area and protect it from invaders.

World First Democracy YODHEYA GANAM

World First Democracy YODHEYA GANAM
Early democratic institutions in India comes from the independent "republics"
Early democratic inst,sanghas and ganas, which existed as early as the sixth century BCE and persisted in some areas until the fourth century CE. The evidence is scattered and no pure historical source exists for that period. In addition, Diodorus a Greek historian writing two centuries after the time of Alexander the Great's invasion of India, without offering any detail, mentions that independent and democratic states existed in India.However, modern scholars note that the word democracy at the third century BC and later had been degraded and could mean any autonomous state no matter how oligarchic it was.

The main characteristics of the gana seem to be a monarch, usually called raja and a deliberative assembly. The assembly met regularly in which at least in some states attendance was open to all free men, and discussed all major state decisions. It had also full financial, administrative, and judicial authority. Other officers, who are rarely mentioned, obeyed the decisions of the assembly. The monarch was elected by the gana and apparently he always belonged to a family of the noble K'satriya Varna. The monarch coordinated his activities with the assembly and in some states along with a council of other nobles.The Licchavis had a primary governing body of 7,077 rajas, the heads of the most important familes. On the other hand, the Shakyas, the Gautama Buddha's people, had the assembly open to all men, rich and poor.
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Scented Aroma candle to Lift your mood

Every time that you enter a room that has a scented candle burning, you will be hit with a wonderful aroma that will bring memories flooding back or even change your mood.

You can add a great variety of fragrance oils to your candles to get the aroma that you require. You will need to use oil based fragrance oil and not the water based or alcohol based fragrances, as these will not combine properly with your wax. Most craft shops carry these fragrance oils for making scented candles.

Scented candles can freshen up a room even when not lit. They make great gifts and being handmade make them even more unique. There are a few things that you need to consider before making scented candles. You will need to choose what sort of wax you will be using,

Fragrance can be used with any of these different waxes. When using fragrance oil in gel wax candles you will also need to consider the density of your candle. The lower density gel wax will not be able to hold as much XXXXXXXXXX @ for information >>>>>>>>>.i will mail the secret, Apart from these considerations, the actual candle making process is the same as making regular candles.

To make scented candles you will simply follow the general candle making guide lines until you reach the point where you need to add the fragrance oil. So the first thing you need to do is prepare a mold of your choice with a wick in it. Next you will need to melt some wax and you do this by placing a small pot with your wax in it inside a larger pot to which you have added some water. This is called the double boiler method and it prevents the wax from burning. So heat the wax up to around 170-180 degrees by using a thermometer that can be found in your craft store. Once the wax is melted then you can add the fragrance oil of your choice but be careful not to add too much at once because you won't be able to remove any excess oil but you can always add more if needed. As a general rule if you wish to make about a 6% fragrance concentration, then you will need to add an ounce of fragrance oil to 1 pound of wax. Too much oil and you will end up with soft spots through out the candle which will not allow it to burn properly. At this point you may also add some color by using some dye that can also be found at your craft store. Once you have completed these steps then you simply pour the wax into the mold and set it aside for up to 6 hours to cool. It's a good idea to keep track of the different ingredients and amounts that you use when making scented candles, so that you can recreate the same candles over again. Just simply write it all down in a note pad.

Candles can make great gift ideas and having such a vast array of colors, decorations and scents you will be able to produce a unique gifts for family or friends that not only look good but also offer the soothing and calming effects of the scent chosen. So now it's time to put your candle making knowledge to work and just do it!

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Women Army and officials

Golf Lovers Fantasy Vacation

With more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else on
earth, Bermuda is a dream come true for those who prefer their
sand in a trap instead of on the beach. With greens perched high
atop windswept cliffs and spectacular views of the Atlantic from
nearly every hole, you may find it difficult to concentrate on
those long putts, though.

This tiny nation of a mere 21 square miles is home to ten
courses, many of them designed by such famed architects as
Deveraux Emmett and Charles Blair Macdonald. Some of the most
famous players in history have hit the links in Bermuda,
including Bob Hope, Winston Churchill, and Jack Kennedy, so be
sure to bring your game!

Whether you prefer an activity-filled trip or a quiet time away
from the demands of daily life, this jewel of the Atlantic has
everything you need to make your vacation dreams a reality.
Bermuda's seven major islands offer a variety of dining,
shopping, and entertainment to suit nearly every taste, all
surrounded by gorgeous beaches and gentle surf. Visit Bermuda,
and you'll know why it's called paradise.


Treatments for acne scars that are available
today, the TCA CROSS and TCA peel are most effective in the long
term. The difference between the two treatments is detailed

TCA CROSS is a high percentage trichloroacetic acid which is
applied to each individual scar. This treatment should be carried
out by a medical practitioner as the risk of damage to the skin
can be great. By pressing hard on the acne scars the technique
causes chemical reconstruction of skin scars by focussing on the
dermal thickening and collagen production that increases with
high TCA concentrations. Healing is rapid and there are fewer

TCA peel is a medium depth peel which peels away the top
layers of the skin and usually takes 15 minutes to an hour to
complete. TCA peels have the ability to treat the acne, whilst
also removing the acne itself. Once the procedure has been
carried out a neutralizer is applied and you may have a sun
burned appearance for a while before the peeling process begins.

In either case it's normal for an ointment based antibiotic to
be applied to help moisturize the area. Once a crust forms then
the application of the ointment is discontinued in order to avoid
detaching the crust.

Before embarking on either of the above treatments it's sensible
to seek professional advice in order to attain the best results
possible. TCA CROSS and TCA peel, are both treatments for acne
scars which have proven to be extremely successful for people who
have deep seated and large acne scarring, but patience is needed
as there is a short period of skin peeling and repair to take
place before the results are seen.

This can vary from patient to patient, but generally speaking one
week after treatment the skin will start to settle down and an
improvement can be seen.