Monday, July 26, 2010

Women Army and officials

Golf Lovers Fantasy Vacation

With more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else on
earth, Bermuda is a dream come true for those who prefer their
sand in a trap instead of on the beach. With greens perched high
atop windswept cliffs and spectacular views of the Atlantic from
nearly every hole, you may find it difficult to concentrate on
those long putts, though.

This tiny nation of a mere 21 square miles is home to ten
courses, many of them designed by such famed architects as
Deveraux Emmett and Charles Blair Macdonald. Some of the most
famous players in history have hit the links in Bermuda,
including Bob Hope, Winston Churchill, and Jack Kennedy, so be
sure to bring your game!

Whether you prefer an activity-filled trip or a quiet time away
from the demands of daily life, this jewel of the Atlantic has
everything you need to make your vacation dreams a reality.
Bermuda's seven major islands offer a variety of dining,
shopping, and entertainment to suit nearly every taste, all
surrounded by gorgeous beaches and gentle surf. Visit Bermuda,
and you'll know why it's called paradise.


Treatments for acne scars that are available
today, the TCA CROSS and TCA peel are most effective in the long
term. The difference between the two treatments is detailed

TCA CROSS is a high percentage trichloroacetic acid which is
applied to each individual scar. This treatment should be carried
out by a medical practitioner as the risk of damage to the skin
can be great. By pressing hard on the acne scars the technique
causes chemical reconstruction of skin scars by focussing on the
dermal thickening and collagen production that increases with
high TCA concentrations. Healing is rapid and there are fewer

TCA peel is a medium depth peel which peels away the top
layers of the skin and usually takes 15 minutes to an hour to
complete. TCA peels have the ability to treat the acne, whilst
also removing the acne itself. Once the procedure has been
carried out a neutralizer is applied and you may have a sun
burned appearance for a while before the peeling process begins.

In either case it's normal for an ointment based antibiotic to
be applied to help moisturize the area. Once a crust forms then
the application of the ointment is discontinued in order to avoid
detaching the crust.

Before embarking on either of the above treatments it's sensible
to seek professional advice in order to attain the best results
possible. TCA CROSS and TCA peel, are both treatments for acne
scars which have proven to be extremely successful for people who
have deep seated and large acne scarring, but patience is needed
as there is a short period of skin peeling and repair to take
place before the results are seen.

This can vary from patient to patient, but generally speaking one
week after treatment the skin will start to settle down and an
improvement can be seen.

New Heaven for Cruise Lovers

BERMUDA offers miles of pink beaches, turquoise seas, and stunning
blue skies above emerald golf courses? If you guessed Bermuda,
you'd be right. No other place on earth combines sun, sand, and
surf into a paradise quite like this island nation in the

Only in the last few years have Bermuda ports been opened to
larger cruise ships. In an effort to keep crowds to a minimum and
the islands as pristine as possible, the government of Bermuda
placed heavy regulations on cruise lines wanting to visit their
corner of heaven. Now, though, Bermuda has opened her arms and is
welcoming travelers wishing to experience the beauty and luxury
of life among the palms. If you're searching for somewhere new to
cruise, Bermuda might just be for you.

Bermuda's history as a British colony shows in her quiet
sophistication and charm. Unlike other island getaways,
Bermudians prefer to keep the bikinis on the beach, so you won't
find any swimsuits in town. What you will find is elegant dining,
boutique shops, and a rich past that is evident in the unique
architecture of the area. Spend the day wandering the winding
alleyways of St. George's on a self-guided tour, and cap it off
with a quiet dinner for two in a stylish bistro.

For sun and sand lovers, Bermuda's miles of immaculate beaches
provide plenty of space to spread out a towel and while away the
hours. You'll have nothing more pressing to do than keep your tan
lines intact and watch the sun make its way across a cloudless
sky. The coral reefs that form the foundation of this island
chain offer protection for many of the beaches, making them ideal
for swimming. Snorkelers will love to explore the underwater
majesty of the reefs, where bright fishes and graceful stingrays
dance in the clear blue water.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Angelina Jolie's Rote "Salt"

Angelina Jolie's Contradictions Buoy the Otherwise Rote "Salt"
Salt, a spy flick rewritten for Angelina Jolie after Tom Cruise dropped out, has been publicized as the cinematic equivalent of the 19th Amendment: finally, a level playing field for female action stars! This is mostly bullshit, of course — Jolie's Evelyn Salt is not the first action hero to be given a gender reassignment between initial conception and opening weekend (cough, Alien), nor is this the first stunt-heavy film Jolie has carried on her back and sold on her name. What is startling about Salt is the extent to which, in insisting on the moral ambiguity of its protagonist for most of its running time, it gives us an action-hero prototype that Cruise couldn't play and Jolie was born to.
That it flatters the audience by assuming a modicum of intelligence earns points if we're grading on a curve, but this is still closer to product than art. Highly satisfying, often exhilarating, refreshingly unpretentious product.

RED light fine in USA

Red light cameras, when misused by idiotic and irresponsible public officials, can be one of the great scourges of America.
That much is fact. Even when they are used with some semblance of jurisprudence, they might be flat-out illegal. We'll just have to see how the court challenges turn out.
But in the wrong hands they can be downright evil. Check out this Miami Herald story on the poor people of Aventura all others who drive in that city -- who are getting shaken down by their own government for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Their crime Rolling a red light on a right turn. You do it all the time even if you don't know it. You come up on an intersection, see there's no cars coming, and never quite come to a complete stop.
In Aventura, this will get you a $125 fine for the first offense, $250 for the second, and a whopping $500 for each additional. It's obscene and making it worse is that if one of the cameras got installed at a red light near you, you could wrack up multiple fines before you get the notice in the mail telling you did anything wrong in the first place.
Responsible towns don't do this. Pembroke Pines, which was the first city in Broward to install the cameras (send your thanks to Angelo Castillo), doesn't do it. West Palm Beach did it for a while, but then realizing how grotesque it was. In May WBP not only discontinued the practice, but decided to refund all the money it generated from such fines back to the citizens who paid them. But some towns just don't

National Nude Day July15

July 15 Surprising i never thought such day was there??? but is CELEBRATED.
I probably would never have cared that today is 'National Nude Day' except that we're smack in the middle of bikini season. So, let's lose the procrastination and all the other excuses while losing some weight as well. On any piece of paper use a black pen or marker to draw an outline of a human figure that corresponds to how you believe you look in your current reality. Now, draw a second figure inside that first one that demonstrates or symbolizes what your preferred and perfect shape would resemble. Put this image somewhere where you will see it as soon as you awake each morning and immediately before you go to bed each night. Leave it in this space for the next 49 consecutive days. Inside this same time frame and for a few seconds each day, light a black candle and concentrate on your weight just melting away all the while visualizing what you will look like with your new figure. Give great gratitude to your whole being and body for balancing and dropping the excess each time you light and then blow that candle out. As this candle diminishes day by day, the theory goes, so will you! Pretty weighty stuff, but I do have a couple of clients who have successfully lost the large this way, so it's up to you to give it a go and give those last ten the heave ho!



EGYPTIAN alphabet called hieroglyphics

The ancient Egyptians used their language and alphabet called hieroglyphics on temples and tombs especially to record the history of their Pharaohs and the adventures and conquers of them and to glorify all the Pharoah's doings.

The ancient Egyptians called their script mdju netjer, or "words of the gods." Hieroglyphs were the earliest form of Egyptian script, and also the longest-lived.

Egyptian Wedding Day

The Wedding Day

The day of the marriage was really quite simple. The bride merely moved her belongings into the home of her husband. He might be living alone or with his parents.

So what did the bride wear? She probably wore a long dress or tunic made of linen, which may have been covered from head to toe with bead-net. If she owned any gold, silver or lapis, she probably adorned herself with those, too.

Even though there was no official ceremony, knowing how much the ancient Egyptians loved music, dance and food, there were bound to be family celebrations in honor of the uniting couple.

Museums are filled with statues and paintings showing husbands and wives with their arms around each other’s waists, holding hands or offering each other flowers or food. Love and affection was indeed a part of the Egyptian marriage, and our Egyptian bride could expect to be loved and respected by her husband.

Entering into a marriage was described as 'making a wife' or 'taking a wife', but it seems that the girl's father had the main say. If the girl had no father, an uncle would step in. In the absence of any preexisting agreement it seems that the girl's consent to a marriage was unimportant until the 26th dynasty, when brides also began to have a say.

EGYPTIAN marriage

Little written evidence of either true marriage ceremonies or marriages as a concept has been found. Usually there was a grand party associated with the joining of two people, but we believe it was simply a social affair and had no real religious or legal bearing. Traditionally, the term hemet has been translated as "wife", but is probably more accurately "female partner". The legal and social implications of the word are not clear. Interestingly, the word hi is the male counterpart to hemet but seems to have been rarely used. However, this is probably due to funerary text most frequently being related to men, and so the female partner is referred to and defined by her husband. Hebswt is another word that seems to apply to a female partner, but traditionally it has been translated as "concubine". However, this meaning is less clear because in some New Kingdom text both hemet and hebswt are used at the same time to apparently refer to the same female. It has been suggested that the term hebswt might more accurately describe a second or third wife after the first one died or was divorced. Of course, our modern, romantic concept of marriage is a relationship based on love between partners who consent to share their lives together. But up until the 26th dynasty, relatively late in Egyptian history, the bride herself seems to have little choice in the marriage. In fact, during this time frame most marriage contracts are actually between the girl's father and future husband. The girl's father and even her mother had much more say in the matter then the bride. After the 26th dynasty, the bride appears to have had more say in her future husband, and we find phrases in marriage contracts that indicate a more defined relationship. Among common people, polygamy may very well have existed as it obviously did in the royal class, but if so it was rare. We known from excavations such as Deir El Medina that the housing of common people conformed more to monogamy rather then polygamy. Yet from the 13th Dynasty (1795-1650 BC) on polygamy was common among kings and some of the ruling elite. While one principal wife (hemet nesw weret) was chosen, others were probably taken by the king in order to assure a royal heir, or cement relationships with foreign countries or even powerful regional leaders. Kings might have as many as several hundred wives, and in some periods other high officials took more then one wife. Also, the tradition of brother/sister or father/daughter marriages was mostly confined to the royalty of Egypt, at least until the Greek period.

Marriage Tax exemption


Am empire-wide exemption of the marriage-tax seems to be almost the
first act that the king affected soon after assuming the reins of the
kingdom. This is recorded in a lengthy epigraph (No. 47)


Three cheers for the red, the white and most especially for the very
colorful, plump and delicious blueberry. During a month devoted to
this all-natural immune booster, we lift a glass of red or one of
white to the beauty of this berry. Introduced to our Pilgrim ancestors
by generous Native Americans, the blueberry is believed to imbue the
eater with almost magical defenses against an array of physical and
psychic ailments. But even bigger benefits can be found in the 'Ellen
arsenal' too. For instance, it's long been believed by some of those
same introductory Indian tribes that placing a bunch of blueberries
(or any image of same) under your welcome mat will keep undesirables
away from your property. Personal property protection from Big Blue
without a shield or a gun! We also know that eating a bunch on a daily
basis will put that old apple keeping the doctor away axiom out of
business. What you may not know is that if you're feeling stressed or
in any way under attack from the 'evil eye,' then eating a big bowl of
blueberries will quickly and easily bring balance back. A magically
delicious way to de-stress while building blanket immunity, all
courtesy your most loving Mother Nature! Thanks,

Facebook has 500million users

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said there is a "good chance" that the social networking site could boast one billion users within three to five years.Facebook officially has 500 million users, the company announced Wednesday. The milestone means that the six-year old website now reaches eight percent of the planet's population, just 18 months after it passed the 150 million user mark. Facebook marked the milestone with the launch of a special section in which users are encouraged to post their personal stories about how Facebook has affected them.Instead of focusing on numbers, we want to help people around the world hear about these stories for themselves, and we want to let you tell your own story


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VIJAYANAGAR Srikrihnadevaraya called himself King of three seas.


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Ancient SIND letter,@ musham

ANCIENT MEDIEVAL POSTAL HISTORY consisting mostly of government dispatches,AND SPYING ON THE PEOPLE and anti government workers and that report was carried from place to place by horse born men and on foot walkers during chandragupta period as written CHANAKYA BOOK OF ARTHASHASTA FIRST INDIAN CONTITUTION AND TAX MANUAL ,horse or horse-drawn wagon in ancient Egypt and Persia. Most mail was still being transported the same way in the middle of the 19th century, when stagecoaches carried letters and packages to the West coast.

Historical references to postal systems in Egypt date from about 2000 BC. The Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great (6th century BC) used a system of mounted relay messengers. The riders would stop at regularly placed posthouses to get a fresh horse or to pass on their packets of dispatches to another messenger for the remainder of the distance.

On the other side of the world, in China, a posthouse service had been started early in the Chou Dynasty (ruled 1122-221 BC). It was used mostly to convey official documents. The far-reaching system consisted of relays of couriers who changed horses at relay posts 9 miles yojana apart. The system was enlarged under the Han Empire (202 BC-AD 220), when the Chinese came in contact with the Romans and their postal system.

PLACES of OLD NEW DEHLI and Smith’s folly.

Rajghat,is the place where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated. A memorial to the father of the nation,
Set in the midst of deep green lawns, Rajghat is the place where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated. A memorial to the father of the nation, Rajghat is a simple square platform with a black memorial stone with “Hey Ram” inscribed on it.
“Hey Ram” were the last words uttered by the Mahatma before collapsing after being shot at.
Located on the west bank of the River Yamuna, Rajghat is surrounded by a wooded area and several exotic shrubs thatgive the area a serene ambience. Walk along the ornate stone pathways as you relax on your tours to the samadhi of
one of the greatest leaders, statesman and humanist ever born.
India Travel Portal arranges for you to pay your respects at Rajghat and feel an indescribable peace as you approach
the resting place of one of the greatest proponents of non-violence.
Also tour the Gandhi Memorial Museum and the Gandhi Balidan Sthal as a part of your Rajghat tours with India Travel

Delhi Forts are the sheer reminders of the glorious era of city’s successive dynasties. Visit the colossal Red Fort
and Old Fort two major attractions of the city capital.
Monumental heritage of Delhi is well preserved in its forts, palaces, temples and mosques. Visit the magnificent
Qutub Minar that holds lot of surprises in its colossal minaret.
India Gate is constructed as a memorial and was built in the memory of 90,00 soldiers who laid down their lives
during world war I. Located at Rajpath, India Gate is 42 m high and is popular relaxation area during the summer
evenings. India Gate also act as popular pinic spot during winter. Also known as the All India War Memorial, India
Gate was designed and constructed by Lutyens. He was the who is considered the chief proclaimer in designing the New

Delhi plans.
If it were not for the Montagu-Chelmsford reforms of 1919, the Parliament House may not have been built. It’s corny how the building most indispensable to modern Indian democracy came up as an afterthought. Earlier called the
Circular House, it was added to the layout at a later stage following the reforms which created a large Legislative
This edifice is the brainchild of Herbert Baker and was much criticized in comparison with Lutyens creations. An
article by Robert Byron in Architectural Review, January 1931describes it thus: “The Council Chamber has been Sir Herbert’s unhappiest venture. Its effect from a distance has been described. It resembles a Spanish bull-ring, lyinglike a mill-wheel dropped accidentally on its side.
The Viceroy Palace remains Lutyens most significant achievement. It is befittingly the crowning glory of the British
Empire and architecture in India. Today, it is perhaps India’s best known monument after the Taj Mahal and the QutubMinar. Bigger than the Palace of Versailles, it cost a whopping £12,53,000 and now houses the President of India. It is unquestionably a masterpiece of symmetry, discipline, silhouette, colour and harmony. of course, it has come in for much criticism too but that has mostly been limited to the imperial intent behind it rather than its architecture.
The construction of Humayun’s tomb was taken up by the grief-stricken wife of Humayun, Hamida Banu, also known as Bega Begam in 1565. Legend has it that the design of the Taj was inspired from this tomb’s. In pure architectural
sense, this building is probably superior and much more beautiful that the stunning Taj. Sacrilege? But really, the only thing this building lacks is the showy marble.
Humayun- The Mughal Emperor Costructed The Fort
When the second Mughal emperor Humayun decided to make a city of his own he decided on the site of the ancient city
of Indraprastha. Humayun was quite a scholar with a fine grasp on such matters and so it is certain that the site was chosen deliberately. When his Sher Shah Suri overthrew him, he destroyed most of Dinpanah (refuge of the faithful) as
the city of Humayun was called to make way for his own Dilli Sher Shahi or Shergarh. Incidentally, Humayun was probably the only emperor in history who built a city in Delhi and did not give it his own name – this was typical of
Humayun’s rather sophisticated and dreamy character. The Layout of The Massive Colossal Jantar Mantar
An Observatory The Jantar Mantar was built in 1710 by Raja Jai Singh II of Jaipur (1699-1743) in Delhi. This is an observatory consisting of mason-built astronomical instruments to chart the course of the heavens. Jai Singh, who was a very
scholarly king with a very keen interest in astronomy and astrology, had other observatories built too – in Ujjain,
Jaipur, Mathura (which no longer survives) and Varanasi.
The first among these was this one in Delhi. The yantras (instruments, which has been distorted to Jantar) are built of brick rubble and plastered with lime. The yantras have evocative names like, samrat yantra, jai prakash, ram
yantra and niyati chakra; each of which are used to for various astronomical calculations.
Qutub Minar in Delhi
Constructed As A Holy Minar
Qutub MinarThe world famous towering Qutub Minar, started in 1192 by Qutub-ud-din Aibak (1192-98), breathes down the neck of the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque. There is a slight difference of opinion as to its purpose: it probably was a
tower of victory, but then again it could have been built to be a minar (tower), attached to the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque, for the muezzin (priest) to climb up top for a prayer.Other Belief of Its Construction
Among Delhites there are lots of other theories about the origin of the tower. Some say it was the observatory of the great scientist Aryabhatta of ancient India, other claim that it was built by Prithvi Chauhan for his daughter to see
the Yamuna. In fact everything short of an extraterrestrial origin has been attributed to it. The presence of theancient non-rusting Iron Pillar within the complex further appears to add credence to the first theory. However the
tower, its entire design and architecture are undisputedly Islamic and all the other theories are just matters of wild surmise.
Considering how shortchanged he was for time, it is doubtful that Qutub-ud-din got much further than a couple of levels of the minar, in fact many suggest that lived to see only the first storey complete. Altamash, his successor,completed the remaining tower.

Measures Taken To Keep The Minar In Perfect Shape
It is clear that the tower was very close to the sultanate’s heart, since repeated efforts were made to keep it in perfect shape. In its long career, the tower got hit by lightening twice – something that, of course, with its height
it was literally asking for. Once during the reign of Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq, who very decently repaired the ensuing damage. The next time was in the indefatigable builder Feroze Shah Tughlaq’s time, when the topmost storey got damaged. Feroze Shah, who of course couldn’t well leave things alone, not only repaired the floor, but also sneaked in another level.
The Mecca of all the lovers, without places to go and extra money to spend in Delhi, is the beautiful and serene LodiGarden. Its original purpose was hardly that however. It was designed over two dynasties – the Sayyids and Lodis (15-16 th century) – to be a sort of everyone-take-one graveyard for their families.
During the British times the garden went under the moniker of Lady Willingdon Park, all that stopped with the
Independence when they reverted back to being good old Lodi garden. In 1968, the gardens were spruced and relandscaped by JA Stein and Garrett Eckbo. There are several tombs in this area. You can climb to the top of some of them. However the steps are very steep and dark so it’s strictly not recommended. Apart from breaking your neck, you might end up being bitten by a snake or something
The result of this combined effort is an interesting mix in styles that is clearly discernable all over the tower.
Each of the original three storeys has different designs. The base storey has alternate angular and circular flutings while those of the second one are round and the third one has only angular flutings. Their alignment is mercifully
similar, so giving the tower a rhythmic harmony. The pretty projecting balconies have a very interesting pattern,with icicle-shaped pendentive (an intricate design in which triangular pieces of vaulting spring from the corners of a rectangular area and support a rounded or polygonal dome) type of brackets. The attractiveness of the balconies is heightened by the bands of sonorous inscriptions. The diameter (at base) of the Qutub Minar is 14.32m and about 2.75m at the top.

The Attraction of Crownig Cupola
The tower had a crowning cupola on the top at one time, however this was struck down sometime in the early 19th century, an earthquake felled it. This was replced by a well meaning English engineer Major Smith. However it must have looked quite an eyesore for when Lord Hardinge was Governor-general of British India, he had it removed. You can see it now on the spruce lawns of the Qutub complex. Come to think of it, it must have been eyesore – it’s called Smith’s folly.

Spread of Buddhism by messages on ROCK,

Spread of Buddhism by messages on ROCK,
IMAGE @ http://

The Edicts of Ashoka are a collection of 33 inscriptions on the Pillars of Ashoka, as well as boulders and cave walls, made by the Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan dynasty during his reign from 272 to 231 BC. These inscriptions are dispersed throughout the areas of modern-day Pakistan, Nepal and India, and represent the first tangible evidence of Buddhism. The edicts describe in detail the first wide expansion of Buddhism through the sponsorship of one of the most powerful kings of Indian history. According to the edicts, the extent of Buddhist proselytism during this period reached as far as the Mediterranean, and many Buddhist monuments were created.

These inscriptions proclaim Ashoka’s beliefs in the Buddhist concept of dharma and his efforts to develop the dharma throughout his kingdom. Although Buddhism and the Buddha are mentioned, the edicts focus on social and moral precepts rather than religious practices or the philosophical dimension of Buddhism.

In these inscriptions, Ashoka refers to himself as “Beloved of the Gods” and “King Priya-darshi.” The identification of King Priya-darshi with Ashoka was confirmed by an inscription discovered in 1915. The inscriptions found in the eastern part of India were written in the Magadhi language, using the Brahmi script. In the western part of India, the language used is closer to Sanskrit, using the Kharoshthi script, one extract of Edict 13 in the Greek language, and one bilingual edict written in Greek and Aramaic.These edicts were decodified by British archeologist and historian James Prinsep.

The inscriptions revolve around a few repetitive themes: Ashoka’s conversion to Buddhism, the description of his efforts to spread Buddhism, his moral and religious precepts, and his social and animal welfare program.
In order to propagate the Buddhist faith, Ashoka explains he sent emissaries to the Hellenistic kings as far as the Mediterranean, and to the peoples throughout India, claiming they were all converted to the Dharma as a result. He names the Greek rulers of the time, inheritors of the conquest of Alexander the Great, from Bactria to as far as Greece and North Africa, displaying an amazingly clear grasp of the political situation at the time.

2 lita banknote




MAP of samagotia nation


Banknotes of that nation


Revival of 12'th Century nation

Telugu is a PRE-Dravidian language 300 BC

Telugu is a Dravidian language South-Central Dravidian languages mostly spoken in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where it is the official language. Including non-native speakers it is the most spoken Dravidian language,the second most spoken language in India after Hindi, and the third most spoken language in the Indian sub-continent after Hindi and Bengali. It is one of the twenty-two official languages of the Republic of India. It is widely spoken in Andhra Pradesh and also spoken in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Orissa, and Pondicherry, with major populations in Bengaluru and Chennai, though the dialects spoken in these places vary greatly from the standard version of the language,Telugu is one of the fifteen most widely spoken languages in the world.
Telugu is second largest spoken language after hindi.
Telugu originated from the proto-Dravidian language, belonging to the south-central family. Though Telugu belongs to the South-central Dravidian language subfamily, whose members originated from the Proto-Dravidian spoken in the central part of the Deccan plateau it is a highly sanskritized language. Other languages of the South-Central group include the Gondi, Konda, Kui and Kuvi languages. Inscriptions containing Telugu words dated back to 400 BCE were discovered in Bhattiprolu in Guntur district. English translation of one inscription reads: “Gift of the slab by venerable Midikilayakha
The etymology of Telugu is not known for certain. It is explained as being derived from trilinga, as in Trilinga Desa, “the country of the three lingas”. According to a Hindu legend, Trilinga Desa is the land in between three Shiva temples namely Kalahasthi, Srisailam and Draksharamam. Trilinga Desa forms the traditional boundaries of the Telugu region. Other forms of the word, such as Telunga, Telinga, Telangana and Tenunga were also seen. It is also said that Trilinga, in the form “Triliggon” occurs in Ptolemy as the name of a locality to the east of the Ganga river. Other scholars compare Trilinga with other local names mentioned by Pliny, such as Bolingae, Maccocalingae, and Modogalingam. The latter name is given as that of an island in the Ganges. A.D. Campbell, in the introduction to his Telugu grammar, suggested that Modogalingam may be explained as a Telugu translation of Trilingam, and compared the first part of the word modoga, with mUDuga, a poetical form for Telugu mUDu, three. Bishop Caldwell, on the other hand, explained Modogalingam as representing a Telugu mUDugalingam, the three Kalingas, a local name which occurs in Sanskrit inscriptions and one of the Puranas. Kalinga occurs in the Ashoka Inscriptions, and in the form Kling, it has become, in the Malay country, the common word for the people of Continental India.
the word is derived from talaing, who were chiefs who conquered the Andhra region. M.R. Shastri is of the opinion that it is from telunga, an amalgamation of the Gondi words telu, meaning “white”, and the pluralization -unga, probably referring to white or fair-skinned people. the word could be derived from tenungu meaning people of the South.
The ancient name for telugu land seems to be telinga/telanga desa. It seems probable that the base of this word is teli, and that -nga, or gu is the common Dravidian formative element. A base teli occurs in Telugu teli, bright; teliyuTa, to perceive, etc. However, this etymology is contested. Telugu pandits commonly state Tenugu to be the proper form of the word, and explain this as the ‘mellifluous language’ from tene or honey. However, this claim does not appear to be supported by scholarly opinion. The word Kalinga might be derived from the same base as Telugu kaluguTa, to live to exist, and would then simply mean ‘human

Mystery world, what is this ?

An Astronaut in the Carvings of a 12th Century Cathedral?


Ancient Indian Scriptures,increas memory power,memory power,graying of hair,Ayurvedic literature,how to sleep,keep mind cool,remove tensions,improve e

Ancient Indian Scriptures,increas memory power,memory power,graying of hair,AYURVEDIC literature,how to sleep,keep mind cool,remove tensions,improve eyesight,Brahmi leaves,brain cells,
Important Yogic Remedies from Ancient Indian Scriptures:

1. 29th chapter of Agnipuran contains a medicine, which grants longevity to a person. According to the text, consuming 240 mg to 500 mg of Brahmi powder with milk every morning is very beneficial. It also increases the memory power.

2. Ayurvedic scriptures like Charaka and Sushruta say that consuming 3 gm of green vegetable soup (made form Brahmi) increases the memory power. Brahmi leaves are tasty just like the tamarind leaves.

3. Bhav Prakash includes the importance of Shankhpushpi for good memory. Consuming 3 to 6 gm of Shankhpushpi powder with milk is extremely beneficial for increasing memory. It also plays an important role in improving the functioning of the brain and its overall development.

4 .Beshajya Ratnavali is a famous Ayurvedic literature. According to this book, regular consumption of Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, almond, etc. strengthen the brain cells and provide coolness to the brain. They are helpful in improving memory power and curing nervous related problems.

5. An Ayurvedic literature called Chikitsa Chandrodaya mentions the importance of Brahmi in the form of a chemical. Regular consumption of Brahmi improves the capacity to think and understand. It also includes a simple combination to improve memory power. It says that almond and sugar candy ‘Halava’ (sweet dish) is very healthy to strengthen the brain cells and improve the memory power.

6. Add one gram of black pepper in ten grams of honey and consume this mixture twice a day. This combination is very beneficial for increasing the memory power, improves eyesight and stops premature graying of hair.

7. A Greek literature ‘Ijajul Gruba’ mentions that consuming fiber in right quantity is extremely beneficial. Almond and pomegranate squash are very useful sources of fiber food. Whichever squash suits the body, should be taken regularly in the summer season. This book has cautioned that the best way to improve the memory power is to keep the mind cold and the feet warm.

8. Ayurvedic books have paid utmost attention to massage. Massaging the feet and head with rapeseed oil is beneficial in improving the memory power. Regular massage of the head increases the blood flow and also improves the memory power. It also relieves headache and improves the eyesight.

9. A simple tip can improve your memory power many times. When you go to bed, lie down straight, close your eyes and memorize all the activities, which you did throughout the day from morning to evening. Practice this tip everyday and you will notice that the memory power has improved to a great extent.

10. People who sleep with their head towards the East or South direction have very good memory power.

11. According to Guru Pushya Yog one should always keep Apamarg herb, this increases the memory power.
Ancient Indian Scriptures,increas memory power,memory power,graying of hair,Ayurvedic literature,how to sleep,keep mind cool,remove tensions,improve eyesight,Brahmi laeaves,brain cells,

Bharti Airtel, Encyclopaedia Britannica pact

Bharti Airtel, Encyclopaedia Britannica sign deal

New Delhi: A good news for all the broadband users of Bharti Airtel, as the telecom service provider has entered into an exclusive partnership with Encyclopaedia Britannica, providing its broadband users a two year free subscription, worth Rs. 6575 to Britannica online.

Bharti Airtel’s agreement with Encyclopaedia Britannica (EB) is to offer an enhanced broadband experience to its customers, especially to children and the young adults, said K. Srinivas, Joint President, Telemedia Services, Bharti Airtel.

According to Jorge Cauz President Encyclopaedia Britannica, India is one of the largest English speaking markets. Therefore, it is an important market to EB’s expansion plans in the Asia Pacific. As broadband has become more widely available in India, EB’s various online services will benefit more families, he added.

Bharti Airtel has taken initiatives to enhance broadband experience through new offerings like high speed Experience Plans, Cloud Computing solutions and a host of value added services. This partnership with Encyclopaedia Britannica is also part of those initiatives.

While Bharti Airtel, a group company of Bharti Enterprises, has an aggregate of around 141 million customers across its operations, Britannica has today over 100 million users worldwide and is trusted by over 4750 Universities. Following the agreement, Airtel broadband customers can now be part of Britannica’s global collaborative community.

Recently, Bharti Airtel entered into a strategic partnership with Novatium, an India-based computing services provider, to expand its broadband business in India. Bharti Airtel is structured as four strategic business units – Mobile, Telemedia, Enterprise and Digital TV. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand.

Curb curruption by Berries ???

iPhones, BlackBerrys tho help check corruption

Mexico City: Curbing corruption may be easier with a new application that enables users of iPhones and BlackBerrys to catch police taking bribe and also check traffic instructions.

The new application created for iPhone and the iPod will soon be available to BlackBerry users. It has a traffic-fine calculator, a map showing directions to parking lots where vehicles are impounded after their drivers violate traffic rules.

The anti-bribe programme costs 20 pesos (about $1.50) in the virtual Apple store, and in less than three months has had more than 11,000 downloads, the administrator of the Futuro Movil company, Daniel Martinez Landeros, said.

Apart from having the list of emergency numbers, the programme gives information about the type of vehicles allowed to commute in any specific area on a particular day and restrictions about the use of old vehicles.

The company has also developed an application to keep users updated about the traffic along their way and alternative routes.

The system will inform the users about road accidents, detours besides giving them access to the history of each vehicle to see if it has any traffic fines pending.

MARKET BUZZ Android phones

Android phones buzzing the market

Top 5 Android phones buzzing the market
By Benny Thomas
After its launch couple of years back, smartphones featuring Google’s Android operating system are today becoming a preferred choice for mobile users across the globe. According to NPD Group, the unit sales for Android smartphones ranked second among all smartphone OS handsets sold in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2010. BlackBerry OS and the iPhone OS ranked first and third respectively. So, which are the top five phones powered by Google’s Android that are creating a buzz in the smartphone market?

Motorola Droid
This is one phone that many believe can give the toughest competition to Apple’s iPhone. The phone is distributed exclusively by Verizon Wireless in U.S., which promoted the Droid as an iPhone-alternative. The phone features 3.7-inch 854×480 touchscreen display with a 5-megapixel low light capable digital camera and a full QWERTY physical keyboard. The Motorola Droid runs Android version 2.1 and comes with a 16GB microSD memory card.

Droid is powered by ARM Cortex A8 CPU clocked at 600Mhz, the same processor that powers the iPhone 3GS and the Omnia HD. Motorola has christened the phone as Milestone in India, which is expected to be launched soon with a speculative price tag of around Rs.34,000.

HTC Legend
The Legend is touted to be the successor to the HTC Hero, which was on the top five smartphones list from 2009. The HTC Legend comes with several improvements, which include an optical trackball, aluminum unibody enclosure, a slightly faster processor and more RAM. Most importantly, it runs on Android OS 2.1 (Eclair), while the Hero was launched with Android OS, v1.5 (Cupcake).

The 3.2-inch AMOLED screen is slightly smaller than that of an iPhone, but supports the same resolution of 320×480 pixels. HTC Legend was launched in India in April this year at a price of Rs. 25,990, while the Hero was launched at Rs. 31,990.

Nexus One
The much awaited phone developed by Google is codenamed ‘HTC Passion’, it is manufactured by HTC and hit the market early this year. Google currently offers Nexus One on the T-Mobile and AT&T networks in the U.S. Nexus One has a 3.7 inch AMOLED screen with PenTile matrix pixel arrangement. The phone features a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash and digital zoom, GPS receiver, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and 802.11b/g WiFi capabilities.

The Snapdragon processor in the phone allows for advanced capabilities including 720p video playback. Though Google has officially not launched the phone in India, those interested to buy it can do so by taking the online route for around Rs. 34,000.

Acer Stream
Though Acer is a relatively new entrant in the smartphone arena, with just three phones under its belt, its large presence in the PC market can help the company to compete with the top smartphone players. Acer’s third Android phone comes with several improvements over its predecessors Acer Liquid, and the Liquid E. It features a 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, capable of 480 x 800 pixels and it runs Android OS, 2.1 (Eclair).

The phone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 1GHz processor and is capable of recording 720p videos with its 5-megapixel camera. The Acer Stream comes with 2GB memory built-in, with a free 8GB memory card in the box and it supports microSD cards up to 32GB. The phone’s launch date in India is yet to be announced.

Samsung Galaxy S
This is the first Samsung phone that comes with the Android operating system. It features a 4-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, which is capable of displaying 16 million colours. The phone is powered by 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and also features 5-megapixel autofocus camera, capable of recording 720p video footage at 30fps.

The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S will come in two versions, with 8GB and 16GB of internal memory respectively and they will both have a microSD card slot. Launched just few days back with a price tag of Rs.28,000, the phone has the potential to take on the big guys in the space.

Email News or Frustration

Email news
Email Heights By S rani
HEIGHT OF REPETITION: Forwarding an email to someone and receiving the same email forwarded back to you by someone in the receiving chain.

HEIGHT OF ISOLATION: Two persons sitting side by side using emails to communicate with each other.

HEIGHT OF COWARDICE: Two persons fighting through emails.

HEIGHT OF HELPLESSNESS: Receiving no emails for a week.

HEIGHT OF FRUSTRATION: The email server being down.

HEIGHT OF CARELESSNESS: Writing an intimate email and doing a ‘Reply All.’

HEIGHT OF ACHIEVEMENT: A person sending email to a girl wanting to become friends and getting a reply.

HEIGHT OF TIMEPASS: A person sending email to himself.

How technology changed us

How technology changed us. ALWAYS ONE IN FAT ONE IS SLIM
How technology changed us……..




And a man said, Speak to us of Self-Knowledge.

And he answered, saying:
Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.
But your ears thirst for the sound of your heart’s knowledge.
You would know in words that
which you have always known in thought.
You would touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams.

And it is well you should.
The hidden well-spring of your soul must needs
rise and run murmuring to the sea;
And the treasure of your infinite depths
would be revealed to your eyes.
But let there be no scales to weigh your unknown treasure;
And seek not the depths of your knowledge
with staff or sounding line.
For self is a sea boundless and measureless.

Say not, “I have found the truth”
but rather, “I have found a truth.”
Say not, “I have found the path of the soul.”
Say rather, “I have met the soul walking upon my path.”
For the soul walks upon all paths.
The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed.
The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.

On Self-Knowledge – Kahlil Gibran

WHO IS ASAFJAHI First king Mir Kamaruddin

WHO IS ASAFJAHI First king Mir Kamaruddin

The founder of this dynasty was one Mir Kamaruddin, a noble and a courtier of the Mughal Muhammad Shah, who negotiated for a peace treaty with Nadirshah, the Iranian invader; got disgusted with the intrigues that prevailed in Delhi. He was on his way back to the Deccan, where, earlier he was a Subedar. But he had to confront Mubariz Khan, as a result of a plot by the Mughal emperor to kill the former. Mubariz Khan failed in his attempt and he was himself slain. This took place in A.D.1724, and henceforth Mir Kamaruddin, who assumed the title of Nizam-ul-Mulk, conducted himself as an independent prince. Earlier, while he was one of the Ministers of the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah, the latter conferred on him the title of Asaf Jah. Thus begins the Asaf Jahi rule over Golconda with the capital at Aurangabad. It was only during Nizam II rule that the capital of the Deccan Subha was shifted to Hyderabad reviving its importance.

The Asafjahi Nizams are generally counted as seven, though they were ten. Nasir Jung and Muzaffar Jung, son and grandson of the Nizam I who were killed by the Kurnool and Cuddapah Nawabs and Salabatjung who also ruled for a decade, were not counted by the historians though the Mughal emperors at Delhi recognised them as Subedars of the Deccan.

The Nizams of Asafjahi dynasty who ruled the Deccan are the following:

(1) Mir Kamaruddin (Nizam-ul-Mulk – Asaf Jah I) (A.D.1724–1748), (2) Nasir Jung (A.D. 1748–1751), (3) Muzaffar Jung (A.D.1750–1751), (4) Salabat Jung (AD.1751–1761), (5) Nizam Ali Khan – Asaf Jah II (A.D.1762–1803), (6) Nizam III Sikandar Jah (A.D.1803–1829), (7) Nizam IV — Nasir-ud-Daula (A.D.1829–1857), (8) Nizam V — Afzal-ud-Daula (A.D.1857–1869), (9) Nizam VI — Mir Mahaboob Ali Khan (A.D.1869–1911), and (10) Nizam VII — Mir Osman Ali Khan (AD.1911–1948 September).

3500years old Cover and letter made of CLAY from Sumeria

Cover and letter on clay tablet with crunieform inscription of Akkadians,found in Sumerian region is 3500years old.Even in this time court Judgments were given in sealed cover,the Difference is Clay cover and document are not of paper but of CLAY baked ofter writing and was signed by TWO JUDGES BENCH,the the petitioners are nine village heads,with seals of Judges,an Museum collection[OIM]
This is the First example of writing,postal system,Judiciary,etc

The cuneiform script is one of the earliest known forms of written expression. Created by the Sumerian’s from ca. 3000 BC, cuneiform writing began as a system of pictographs. Over time, the pictorial representations became simplified and more abstract.
The cuneiform writing system originated perhaps around 2800 BC in Sumer; its latest surviving use is dated to 75 AD.
The cuneiform script underwent considerable changes over a period of more than two millennia.
Cuneiforms were written on clay tablets, on which symbols were drawn with a blunt reed called a stylus. The impressions left by the stylus were wedge shaped, thus giving rise to the name cuneiform .
The Sumerian script was adapted for the writing of the Akkadian, Elamite, Hittite languages, and it inspired the Old Persian and Ugaritic national alphabets.
The characters consist of arrangements of wedgelike strokes generally impressed with a stylus on wet clay tablets, which were then dried or baked. The history of the script is strikingly parallel to that of the Egyptian hieroglyphic The normal Babylonian and Assyrian writing used a large number (300–600) of arbitrary cuneiform symbols for words and syllables; some had been originally pictographic. There was an alphabetic system, too, making it possible to spell a word out, but because of the adaptation from Sumerian, a different language, there were many ambiguities. A single symbol could be used to represent a concept, an object, a simple sound or syllable, or to indicate the category of words requiring additional definition. Cuneiform writing was used outside Mesopotamia also, notably in Elam and by the Hittites. There are many undeciphered cuneiform inscriptions, apparently representing several different languages. Cuneiform writing declined in use after the Persian conquest of Babylonia (539 B.C.), and after a brief renaissance (3d–1st cent. B.C.) ceased to be used in Mesopotamia.


1. Relax your mind, body, and soul. You should be totally relaxed
and allow positive energy engulf your entire being.
2. Let your mind blockages go, and open your spiritual mind.
3. Once you reached an Altered Conscious State, it's time to
4. Picture yourself extremely happy and satisfied where you are
feeling content.
5. Imaging that you have already accomplished your goal.
6. Focus on the good feelings of reaching your dream.
7. Use only positive words and thoughts. Do not use any negative
words whatsoever.
8. Linger on the good feelings, and imagine that it is really
9. Speak the words and vocalize how you achieved your success.
10. Believe you already conquered your goals with all your heart.

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Tank near Cudapa built for 2 years

Sangama Prince constructed huge tank at near Cudapa called as ............For two years 1000 workers and 100 carts ................... contact me for details
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Hydraulic Engineer called as JALASUTRA PANDITA

Hydraulic Engineer called as JALASUTRA PANDITA was appointed whose name was -------- for this project work For information full article details contact me at +91 09441816605

Strange Rock canal with pillars in AIR

Bukkaraya II took a great task of building a dam and 15 mile long aquaduct from dam over Tungabadra river.Even now it supply water to fields.Special emphasis should be given to the aquaduct of several miles cut out of solid rock built over pillars CANAL IN AIR at the base of the hills was the most remarkable irrigational work undertaken by vijayanagara ruler,

For more information contact,