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WHO IS ASAFJAHI First king Mir Kamaruddin

WHO IS ASAFJAHI First king Mir Kamaruddin

The founder of this dynasty was one Mir Kamaruddin, a noble and a courtier of the Mughal Muhammad Shah, who negotiated for a peace treaty with Nadirshah, the Iranian invader; got disgusted with the intrigues that prevailed in Delhi. He was on his way back to the Deccan, where, earlier he was a Subedar. But he had to confront Mubariz Khan, as a result of a plot by the Mughal emperor to kill the former. Mubariz Khan failed in his attempt and he was himself slain. This took place in A.D.1724, and henceforth Mir Kamaruddin, who assumed the title of Nizam-ul-Mulk, conducted himself as an independent prince. Earlier, while he was one of the Ministers of the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah, the latter conferred on him the title of Asaf Jah. Thus begins the Asaf Jahi rule over Golconda with the capital at Aurangabad. It was only during Nizam II rule that the capital of the Deccan Subha was shifted to Hyderabad reviving its importance.

The Asafjahi Nizams are generally counted as seven, though they were ten. Nasir Jung and Muzaffar Jung, son and grandson of the Nizam I who were killed by the Kurnool and Cuddapah Nawabs and Salabatjung who also ruled for a decade, were not counted by the historians though the Mughal emperors at Delhi recognised them as Subedars of the Deccan.

The Nizams of Asafjahi dynasty who ruled the Deccan are the following:

(1) Mir Kamaruddin (Nizam-ul-Mulk – Asaf Jah I) (A.D.1724–1748), (2) Nasir Jung (A.D. 1748–1751), (3) Muzaffar Jung (A.D.1750–1751), (4) Salabat Jung (AD.1751–1761), (5) Nizam Ali Khan – Asaf Jah II (A.D.1762–1803), (6) Nizam III Sikandar Jah (A.D.1803–1829), (7) Nizam IV — Nasir-ud-Daula (A.D.1829–1857), (8) Nizam V — Afzal-ud-Daula (A.D.1857–1869), (9) Nizam VI — Mir Mahaboob Ali Khan (A.D.1869–1911), and (10) Nizam VII — Mir Osman Ali Khan (AD.1911–1948 September).

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