Sunday, July 25, 2010


Three cheers for the red, the white and most especially for the very
colorful, plump and delicious blueberry. During a month devoted to
this all-natural immune booster, we lift a glass of red or one of
white to the beauty of this berry. Introduced to our Pilgrim ancestors
by generous Native Americans, the blueberry is believed to imbue the
eater with almost magical defenses against an array of physical and
psychic ailments. But even bigger benefits can be found in the 'Ellen
arsenal' too. For instance, it's long been believed by some of those
same introductory Indian tribes that placing a bunch of blueberries
(or any image of same) under your welcome mat will keep undesirables
away from your property. Personal property protection from Big Blue
without a shield or a gun! We also know that eating a bunch on a daily
basis will put that old apple keeping the doctor away axiom out of
business. What you may not know is that if you're feeling stressed or
in any way under attack from the 'evil eye,' then eating a big bowl of
blueberries will quickly and easily bring balance back. A magically
delicious way to de-stress while building blanket immunity, all
courtesy your most loving Mother Nature! Thanks,

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